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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I see your animations move?
Be sure your java script is checked on.

How do I download your Graphics and animations?
With Netscape or Microsoft Explorer, put your mouse pointer on the image you would like to download, click the right mouse button and then choose save this image as. That will download the Graphic to your computer. To use the basic html (below), save it in the directory with your html pages.

I have WebTV, how can I save or store an image file? 
You need some type of transloading service, Here is a free transloading service. Well, this one isn't free any more, but it's still a nice example - looks like 1 cent 100 k. If you find a nice one that's free let me know and I'll replace this link.

I have downloaded the graphic now what do I do with it?
If you would like to use a ".gif" image or animation on your Web Page you may want to learn how to do this with HTML. And this command line (within ?>'s): IMG SRC = "(name of graphic).gif."
If you have a program to compose webpages, insert the animated gif image as you would any gif or jpg.
If you make a new folder for the artist, within your webpage folder, for instance kitty, then you include the folder name in your html:
IMG SRC = "kitty/(name of graphic).gif."

Where do you get your pictures?
These are charactors which I drew myself - with the exception of the sweeping animation in my guestbook - which was copyright free.

How do to I get them to the Server to put on my Web Page?
You can FTP them to the server.

What FTP program do you use to do this?
There are several good programs you can use. Personally, I use a program called Cute FTP. Yes it is really called Cute FTP. Here is the link to get this program: Cute Ftp. It is on down the page with a lot of other useful programs.

Can I re-size the graphics?
I don't recommend it because it can cause strange lines running through an animation, but it is possible.  You will need this HTML command following (within the ?>'s) your img src command: "HEIGHT= (height in pixels)" "WIDTH=(width in pixels)" - but be careful to keep them at an equal percentage to the originals.

There is no way I can download your graphics. Can you send them in the mail on a disk to me.

When I put animations on my own pages they have lines through them and look funny.
Try removing the height and width commands from your html source code, many gif files have this information inside the files already.

Can I put a link up to your Site on my Web Page?
Sure you can, and thank you : )

I can't figure out how to make a color transparent with Gif Construction Set.
Five easy steps here. (This is an older version, but may still be helpful.)

Can I use your images commercially?
No. My images carry a copyright. Do's and Don't has more information on copyrights and legal uses of graphics.

I would like to make my own animations, where do I get information and software?  has a list of the tools and info you need to get started. For more resources and tools check my art links page and "how to's".

I use AOL and can see the images and animations on my web page, but others can't?
In the AOL browser, there is an option to use "compressed" graphics. 1) Go into the Preferences of the AOL web browser, and turn off the "Use Compressed Graphics" option. 2) Clear your web browser's cache, which is located under the "Advanced" options, and reload the current webpage. 3) Find copies of all the images you have on your page and upload them all again. 

 It's also possible that your page-making software is changing the files. One way around this is to upload your images before you make your web page.

Where did you get the music and backgrounds for your pages?
The music is copyright free music from a Corel CD, and background credits are at the bottom of my pages.

Lisa Explains it all
This is "for kids" but I use it myself!