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Creature Feature Link

Image Animation Links:
Arg! Animation   Sneak Preview Otwic's
Fiely's Kooky Art Stuff - closed  Sneak Preview Aviation Animation
ScubaMom's .Sneak Preview
MillanNet. Sneak Preview Deg's World
The Wizard of Draws   Sneak Preview Bells and Whistles
RW51. Sneak Preview Graphics Ring
Pixel Paw Red Sheep (flash)
Live Pencil Mike's Animations    Sneak Preview
Animation Arthouse
Information Resource Links:
Realm Graphics Stormi's Poser Texters
The Groan Zone Fleeting Glimpse Animation Instructions
How to Animate Cartoons Bobbie's Web Clip Art ? Lots of Info
How to Draw Paint & Animate!  Royal Frazier's Interconnections
How to make an Olaf Adobe Photoshop Web Reference
Infinite Fish How to make (microsoft)
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing Dr. Ozone
Web Developer Scream Designs
Software Links:
Gif Constuction Set GifBuilder (Mac's)
GifMerge (Unix) Microsoft's Gif Animator
Adobe Future Wave (Netscape Plugin)
It's A Gif Gifgifgif
Digital Arts ? Image AXS Smaller Gif
Totally Hip Web Painter Paint Shop Pro
Xara Software
MicroVision  Express Software
Online Tools:
The Virtual Gallery
Cool Text Rollover at Eyeland Studio
Theatre Gallery Links:
  Click Media . Off The Mark   Droodles
  Origins of American Animation .Pixar Rich Aron's Cartoons
  Daniel Messias   The Simpsons ..Comics (United Media)
  Alex's Restaurant   DC Comics   Comics (King Features)
Art Galleries of other Worlds
.Hand Painting Guido Daniele .Pavement Drawings  by J. Beever